Opt Out Info

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  1. Could you still opt-out if your children were enrolled in a charter school or would the requirements be different?

  2. I'm interested in the answer to this as well.

  3. A charter school is still a publicly funded school. It should be the same. I have a friend who sends her kids to a charter school, and she basically did the process outlined above.

    1. Simply review the laws for your state. Each school will say testing is mandatory. because it affects the federal funding received from the government. Then, follow up with the letter opting your child out of public school or charter school testing.

  4. How does this apply if you are homeschooling and wish to opt out?

  5. Has anyone ever opted out while their child attends ORCA, part of the Scio School District?

  6. How can teachers and school administrations address disparities between gender, racial and economically diverse groups without standardized testing? Isn't gathering that sort of data a primary function of standardized testing?