Wednesday, February 15, 2017

End SBAC! Send a postcard! Comment to Oregon Department of Education!

This spring the Oregon Department of Education will be going to the State Board of Ed. asking them to renew their contact with the Smarter Balanced Consortium. . The SBAC and multi-state longitudinal data system associated with it are very expensive, particularly at a time when funding is scarce. If you would like to help end this money wasting, abusive system and put those funds into programs and classrooms, you can do the following:

1. put out by ODE and tell them NO MORE SBAC!

2. Let your legislators and the Oregon State Board of Ed. know how you feel! Contact the Oregon , , , and .

3. , who is the designated Superintendent of Public Instruction  and tell her to END SBAC! Send your own or download the postcard on the link to Governor Brown.

4. Opt your child out of SBAC! Easy to do! .

Please take action to stop this incredible waste of time and resources in our schools!

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