Saturday, January 25, 2014

Please Support Lew Frederick’s HB 4062 on Student Privacy

, a real champion for education, is sponsoring a bill in the coming legislative session protecting student records and privacy. We urge you to contact legislators in support of this bill. 

BACKGROUND: Recent administrative decisions by  the U.S. Department of Education to FERPA (the federal law governing student data privacy)  .  The creation of a network of Statewide Longitudinal Databases (SLDS)  containing  individual student records  has further put students at risk.  The student records include information about grades, test scores, attendance data, disability and health, family relationships and disciplinary data.

protects and limits the use of student data by specifying it may only be used for the educational benefit of the student and by protecting parent, student and teacher rights. This is a continuation of a bill which Oregon Save Our Schools helped draft. We are indebted to Lew for his work in this area and for his continual work in understanding Oregon’s educational system and standing up for its children.

What you can do to help:

1) and ask them to support this bill.

2) Contact your school board members and ask them to support

3) Read more background information on data privacy from last year on

4) Come to the February meeting of Oregon SOS where we will have a presentation on student data privacy (2nd Sunday of the month, Feb. 9th, 6-8 pm)

Privacy protections won't happen without public support.  Working together with legislators like Lew Frederick and the other sponsors of this bill we can create laws that put the safety and security of our children first (not corporate profits).