Monday, April 8, 2013

Keeping Your Child's Data Safe and Private

Former Beaverton school board member, parent, electrical engineer, and member of Oregon Save Our Schools, Lisa Shultz (purple sweater, far left), testified today to the House Education Committee in Salem regarding HB 2666: Data Privacy. 

Lisa has been following the escalation of the collection, sharing, and selling of our children's and teachers' data that comes from our schools and their high-stakes standardized test results.  Why should outside third parties have access to our children's data?  What if there is a security breach that results in identity theft?  Who is to be held accountable and how can we prevent this from happening so we can keep our children's school records safe?

Read her complete testimony . 

about the fight to protect our children from the profiteers who see to make money off of our children's education.